Postal Blues

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Three women, with three different ideologies, all come together and find friendship, trust and love working the graveyard shift at the post office… He wanted to tell them what the real deal was; they were here for the money. Not respect, not fairness, not appreciation, not friendship. He wanted to tell them that once they left this room and walked around the workroom floor that they would see mail as they had never seen mail before; not the four or five pieces they receive in their mailboxes every day, but thousands upon thousands of letters and magazines and parcels that had to reach every home and every business and every post office in America by tomorrow, every day. He wanted to tell these three women that sat eagerly in front of him plenty of things, but they wouldn’t believe him if he did; the post office was something you had to experience, like Disney World. Explanations did it no justice. So instead of telling this class the real deal, he unsnapped the blue nylon safety strap from his belt loop and laid it on the table. “Welcome to the Postal Service, ladies. This is a safety strap…” Bailey Jenkins is beautiful and knows it. Born with a plastic spoon in her mouth and trying hard to forget it, she’s determined not to live life as her mother did; she would profit from her beauty or die trying. Young Lisa Johnson is facing the struggles of parenthood alone. When a new supervisor comes on board, he promises to make Lisa’s life a living hell unless she does what he asks, and what he asks goes beyond the call of duty. Tonya Elson is active in the church and happily married, or so she thinks until she finds proof to the contrary. Tonya, the glue that holds the three women together, is losing her grip; can her single friends teach her how to save her marriage? Will she try?
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