By Lady Greene on July 19, 2009 – Rating 4.5 Stars

Bailey Jenkins thinks she knows everything there is to know about men. She has no time for love, the lies they tell and drama that comes with them, unless…they are willing to finance her hearts desires. Lisa is a single mother who gives her all to the only man in her life, her son. While she doesn’t enjoy her job she reluctantly goes to work, even if late, so that she can provide for him. When her boss puts her in between a rock and a hard place she has to choose before her son and the job that makes it possible for her to take care of him. Tonya loves her husband and is wholesome as pie. However when she finds out that he’s been stepping out on her she is forced to take steps that she normally wouldn’t take. Jackson is the glue that holds all the ladies together but what happens when he starts to unravel?

This book is a must read! I was so impressed with this author’s debut I have already started to recommend it to others to read. This book was intricate, had drama and kept me on edge. I found myself reading every moment that I had available. Even when the end came I was ready to pick up the sequel. I absolutely can’t wait for the release of her next book. There were some questions that were left unanswered in this book that was alluded to in the first chapter of the sequel that was listed in the back. Postal Blues will have you thinking twice about working in the postal industry.

There were a few things that should be revisited in the next printings/installments. There were some editing errors that made me have to read things twice to understand where the author was going. So many characters were introduced that had little significance that when they were reintroduced I had forgotten about them. (ex. Le who kept coming in the bathroom…also she should have had a different name since Bailey’s nickname by Jackson was the same.) Lastly some of the chapters were so short that they were only one page long. Sometimes I wanted to stay with the prior character so I could get more on their story.

Even with that being said this book is very much worth picking up. As the author grows in her talent I look forward to seeing her work get better and better!

By Dream 4 More Book Reviews on October 7, 2009 – Rating 4 Stars

This story is a blast and has some comical moments with postal co-workers and friends dealing with sexual harassment, overlooked for job promotions, and marriage’s declining due to the love-life. Do you stay in a bad relationship for money, trinkets, and to drive a luxury car? Do you fight for the love of your life and keep your marriage regardless of his cheating ways? Do you keep putting up with a man who evidently has feelings for one of his co-workers? How far will you let your new boss get away with holding you by the neck in order to keep your postal job? See how these ladies (Bailey, Tonya, and Lisa) handle these dramatic moments!

Moreover, I was thrilled to read a book about the behind the scenes of postal mail handling jobs, and not only about everyday relationships.

*I also agree with the previous review by RWA (minor editing issues and character transitions). Yet, it did not lose the focus of the storyline itself.